I said recently that I’m learning English for journey around the world.

I must study reading, writing, listening and speaking simultaneously, In order to master the English. I’m using Twitter in English, and reading the English website now, But dictionaries and translator is needed, In order to know the correct syntax and phrases. To write thinking all in English, After to master the basic. But I want to graduate translator gradually.

This article is like a collection of my tweets. I think better to use for English over 2 hours in holiday. It’s important to use English anyway, Accuracy is secondary.
I don’t mind to mistakes, Failure is the mother of success.

It’s also good to write a blog in English as this time, I would want to do again in the near future.


Author: eninlog

Hello, My name is Enin and I'm from Japan. I'm learning English so I can travel to journey around the world, and translate my works. I freely create comics, pictures, games and novels. I want to become the Creator of Journey.

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