4 months has passed since I started to learn English, About results.

First of all, I graduated writing English by using the google translation. If I use it, for checking up words that I don’t know only.


And Recently I bought a teaching material that called “Eigo-Peraperakun”. This is a CD material, However It’s not hearing only. It’s intended to practice speaking many times. Now I’m training the second half of beginner level, and I have learned some short easy phrase.

However, Still my study is self-taught mostly. So perhaps my sentense looks poor by expert and native speakers. My word-choice may be improper. In order to solve it, I must read a lot of English sentence and need to be taught in native speaker. It needs many time and money. But I will do it. Surely do.

I have a dream, Even before I told. My dream is journey around the world. If I can speak English, It would be very very exciting. Because I want to look all the world. For that, I need information about many countries. I need to get it from English sites, and I need to hear it from people of many countries.

So In order to realize it, I’ll not spare to spend many money and time.

I have studied English more than 3 hours everyday. Be doing it in break time and commuting time, Because I want to create my arts.

Besides, I want to try living in foreign country at once. I think, Japan have a peace and convenience, But not have a freedom. Many Japanese people prevail the profit organizations than their happiness. They have been taught so. It’s a stifling world we can’t say “No”. To nasty things, I want to say “No”. And live honestly in my heart. Why don’t they battle for freedom?

There are a lot of trouble in foreign country, we don’t have in Japan. But still, I want to go there at once, I think.


Author: eninlog

Hello, My name is Enin and I'm from Japan. I'm learning English so I can travel to journey around the world, and translate my works. I freely create comics, pictures, games and novels. I want to become the Creator of Journey.

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