About my learning English. I was listening AFN for learning English until months. But although I keep doing it in 2 months, I was not become to be able to listen them. I’m understanding that cause now, because I was ignoring words that I can’t understand. Although I keep to hear a lot, that was “sound” for me, the same way as a western music. Words that I was able to understand is proper noun only, such as “NYC”, “McDonald”, and “Hulk Hogan”.

However, “I can listen words that I can speaking.” I recently understood when I study about studying English. Listening and Speaking, it belongs to can’t be separated from each other. So I’ve tried to memorize celebrities speechs in English. If I can speak fast of their speechs at high speed, Perhaps I’ll be able to understand fast of speaking to similar them.

Language don’t have answer such as math. For example, If you want to say that now Japanese politics is shit, Sentence to express it there are over 100 ways. So in order to manipulate a language freely, you should increase stock of word in your brain. But increasing set of one word and meaning is bad. To memorize entire sentence is better. The more I memorize, the more I can listen and speak English freely. Learning language is the game of memorize.


Author: eninlog

Hello, My name is Enin and I'm from Japan. I'm learning English so I can travel to journey around the world, and translate my works. I freely create comics, pictures, games and novels. I want to become the Creator of Journey.

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