E-TYPING is a website to training typing in Japan.

I recently train typing speeches of big name on E-typing English. My while goal is to memorise those speeches.

I can listen phrase of English that I can speak, follow the theory, Listening, Speaking, Typing them. And then, My English Study will become more effective.

Besides, Switch Words in those speech and Others, Put its sentence to good use in English conversation. Ability of Speaking and Writing are in proportion to the number of English input. It’s important to memorise “Sentence”, than “Word”. If memorise Word only, It’s impossible to understand how to use Words. I will write funny English.

But, Not enough only it. For develop my ability of speaking, I also have to train pronunciation. Learning English is not Study, But Sport. Input what someone says, Thinking a reply, Putting out a voice, to use muscle of face. It need to use to those movements. Reflexes is also important, Like training for a counterattack against Enemy’s punch.


Author: eninlog

Hello, My name is Enin and I'm from Japan. I'm learning English so I can travel to journey around the world, and translate my works. I freely create comics, pictures, games and novels. I want to become the Creator of Journey.

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