I invented a landmark computer.

This name is HEAVEN’S COMPUTER!!

HEAVEN’S COMPUTER is a landmark device. This give you a most comfortable work with computer.

Building materials; Computer, Display, Packing-belts, Clothes-stand.
How to build; Put Clothes-stand on your bed, then hang a display on a packing-belts from the stand. Finally, connect a display, a keyboard and mouse, with your computer.

However, there is only one weak point. You may be gonna sleep because of being over relax. You should drink a coffee before using HEAVEN’S COMPUTER.


Author: eninlog

Hello, My name is Enin and I'm from Japan. I'm learning English so I can travel to journey around the world, and translate my works. I freely create comics, pictures, games and novels. I want to become the Creator of Journey.

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