I invented a landmark computer.

This name is HEAVEN’S COMPUTER!!

HEAVEN’S COMPUTER is a landmark device. This give you a most comfortable work with computer.

Building materials; Computer, Display, Packing-belts, Clothes-stand.
How to build; Put Clothes-stand on your bed, then hang a display on a packing-belts from the stand. Finally, connect a display, a keyboard and mouse, with your computer.

However, there is only one weak point. You may be gonna sleep because of being over relax. You should drink a coffee before using HEAVEN’S COMPUTER.



The Moon keyboard is an ergonomic alternative to the layout commonly found on typewriters and computers known as “Qwerty romaji” in Japan. This was born on 2ch in Japan in the first 2000s.

After a few years, I improve the keyboard layout. My new keyboard layout named “E-Moon keyboard”. And the latest version(Oct 15, 2015) of the layout called “E-Moon keyboard v10”.



Usable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Almost Online Games.
Usable with both JIS keyboard and US keyboard.
Possible to enter any Japanese Hiragana within two strokes.
Being designed to calculate connecting the characters of Japanese.
There’s necessity of spending time to practice to master the E-Moon.

E-Moon keyboard is the efficient layout of Japanese.
You can enter any Japanese Hiragana with DvorakJ(freeware) or Google Japanese Input Method on Windows or Mac, or Mozc on Linux.

The Moon keyboard(called 2-263) needs 3 strokes to enter some Hiragana, but the E-Moon is possible to enter all Hiragana within 2 strokes.

However, Mastering E-Moon is more difficult than Moon 2-263. And it needs more training time.

If you begin to use E-Moon each day from today, perhaps you’ll master it after about a month. I did.

Finally, I put files for E-Moon’s setting.

google-moon_e1010us.txt(for Google-JIM)
google-moon_e1010dv.txt(for Dvorak)
dvorak-moon_e1010.txt(for DvorakJ in Windows)