Indian speaks English and Hindi (their language) mixed language in their family, so they can naturally learn English, I heard. In brief, In case of Japanese, To use English and Japanese mixed language may be effectiveness, Namely “Japanglish”. It’s not Japanese-made words. When translate this sentence in “Japanglish”, it will be as follows.

Indian speaks 英語+ヒンディー語 in their family, so they can 自然に learn English, I heard. つまり, In case of Japanese, To use 英語+日本語 may be 有効, Namely “Japanglish”. It’s not 和製英語. When translate this sentence in “Japanglish”, it will be 次のように.

Well, like this. Anyway, If I use this, I will be able to learn English more naturally, won’t I?

So, recently I’m always using this “Japanglish”. For instance, When I write a memo at work, When I make a shopping list, When I manage my money. English is basis, I use Japanese only when I don’t know word in English.

In everyday life, I’ve introduced English. So I can use English longer time.



About my learning English. I was listening AFN for learning English until months. But although I keep doing it in 2 months, I was not become to be able to listen them. I’m understanding that cause now, because I was ignoring words that I can’t understand. Although I keep to hear a lot, that was “sound” for me, the same way as a western music. Words that I was able to understand is proper noun only, such as “NYC”, “McDonald”, and “Hulk Hogan”.

However, “I can listen words that I can speaking.” I recently understood when I study about studying English. Listening and Speaking, it belongs to can’t be separated from each other. So I’ve tried to memorize celebrities speechs in English. If I can speak fast of their speechs at high speed, Perhaps I’ll be able to understand fast of speaking to similar them.

Language don’t have answer such as math. For example, If you want to say that now Japanese politics is shit, Sentence to express it there are over 100 ways. So in order to manipulate a language freely, you should increase stock of word in your brain. But increasing set of one word and meaning is bad. To memorize entire sentence is better. The more I memorize, the more I can listen and speak English freely. Learning language is the game of memorize.


4 months has passed since I started to learn English, About results.

First of all, I graduated writing English by using the google translation. If I use it, for checking up words that I don’t know only.


And Recently I bought a teaching material that called “Eigo-Peraperakun”. This is a CD material, However It’s not hearing only. It’s intended to practice speaking many times. Now I’m training the second half of beginner level, and I have learned some short easy phrase.

However, Still my study is self-taught mostly. So perhaps my sentense looks poor by expert and native speakers. My word-choice may be improper. In order to solve it, I must read a lot of English sentence and need to be taught in native speaker. It needs many time and money. But I will do it. Surely do.

I have a dream, Even before I told. My dream is journey around the world. If I can speak English, It would be very very exciting. Because I want to look all the world. For that, I need information about many countries. I need to get it from English sites, and I need to hear it from people of many countries.

So In order to realize it, I’ll not spare to spend many money and time.

I have studied English more than 3 hours everyday. Be doing it in break time and commuting time, Because I want to create my arts.

Besides, I want to try living in foreign country at once. I think, Japan have a peace and convenience, But not have a freedom. Many Japanese people prevail the profit organizations than their happiness. They have been taught so. It’s a stifling world we can’t say “No”. To nasty things, I want to say “No”. And live honestly in my heart. Why don’t they battle for freedom?

There are a lot of trouble in foreign country, we don’t have in Japan. But still, I want to go there at once, I think.


I said recently that I’m learning English for journey around the world.

I must study reading, writing, listening and speaking simultaneously, In order to master the English. I’m using Twitter in English, and reading the English website now, But dictionaries and translator is needed, In order to know the correct syntax and phrases. To write thinking all in English, After to master the basic. But I want to graduate translator gradually.

This article is like a collection of my tweets. I think better to use for English over 2 hours in holiday. It’s important to use English anyway, Accuracy is secondary.
I don’t mind to mistakes, Failure is the mother of success.

It’s also good to write a blog in English as this time, I would want to do again in the near future.