To challenge impossibilities

Another time, my friend taught me importance to challenge impossibilities.
I thought I knew it. But actually I concluded my limit involuntarily.
Try not to back out of the challenge.
He enabled one of his impossibilities today too. He is a great one.
I have to imitate him.



Journey around the world.

Today, I wanna tell you my dream. That’s journey around the world.

First of all, I love writing a novel now, so I’ve written a novel named “Gokuraku Sensou” on my website Eningrad. The novel will be finished soon.

My next novel’s theme will be based on my journey around the world. I’ll set out for the journey within a year. For that reason I need to study English hard.

Return date will be a few years later. I’ll write the novel all the while. That’s, while moving from one place to another.